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February 04, 2005



Aw, I love that blanket. I really wanted to make it to go with the jacket when I made it but just ran out of time. What yarn did you use for the back? I think the yarn called for in the pattern is discontinued now...


Welcome home Chandra! So glad your mom's doing better. Have a chance to catch up, and then drop me a line to let me know if you'll either be going to SW, or interested in at least joining us for dinner and a bit o' the knit.


The jacket and bag are so terrific. Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

I too hate CP needles and will not waste any more money on them. I bought 2 pair months ago for a specific project. They were defective right out of the package (as though they had never been glued). The etailer told me to write to CP, as they had acknowledged a faulty batch of needles. I wrote them, received email back saying to send them to them and they would replace and refund the postage. I had to email several times before any action was taken. They finally mailed me two new sets of needles (no postage refund) and BOTH sets of needles had the same defect. Never again.


I am so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better! The jacket & blanket are absolutely adorable!


i love the giraffe sweater and the blankie! it is cute. glad to hear your mom is doing better and they got all of the tumour this time. having been down that road, i am keeping her and you in my prayers. treatment isn't fun, but the alternative would be worse.

Lynda Magsaysay

I would love a copy of the cute little stuffed giraffe,I have multiple patterns to choose from if you would be interested, I have been trying to locate a copy of this pattern, unfortunately its now out of print, any help in this area would be greatly appreciated,


Lynda--send me your email address, and I'll be glad to forward you the pattern. :)

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